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Audits & Energy Saving Upgrades

Sydney Facility Service provides innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting systems to industrial and commercial businesses that are guaranteed to save you money.
4 steps to savings!

Step One: Audit & Lighting Schedule
Beginning with the development of a Lighting Schedule, our experienced staff will complete an accurate and concise lighting inventory of your property. The Lighting Schedule is a necessary step to design a lighting solution which maximizes your savings.
Step Two: Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade Proposal
Using your Lighting Schedule and years of experience, Sydney Facility Service will prepare a proposal which details recommended lighting & sensor upgrades along with information regarding savings, applicable incentives and return on investment.
Sydney Facility Service works in the best interest of our clients maximizing their energy savings in each lighting application. We are not manufacturers of or tied to any particular lighting products or invested in new emerging technologies, therefore we are committed to provide you the best technologies for your lighting needs.
Sydney Facility Service delivers guaranteed, verifiable cash savings to our clients. Every energy upgrade undertaken by our customers delivers a minimum yearly return on investment of 25%. It is common for projects to have a one year payback. Your satisfaction in all projects we undertake is our primary concern.
Step Three: Incentive Application and Installation
Businesses that save energy by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment can gain financial incentives by participating in the scheme (see Background to the Energy Savings Scheme and the Energy Savings Scheme website for more information).

Energy Savings Scheme Review
In August 2013, the NSW Government released the NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan. Action 1 of the Plan is to review the Energy Savings Scheme to identify how it could be enhanced, including:
• targets, penalties and scope to help meet NSW 2021 targets (i.e. the annual energy savings target of 16,000 GWh above business as usual) and drive sustainable industry growth
• scheme functions and capabilities to define roles and responsibilities to make the administration of the scheme more understandable, logical and transparent
• The state of the current energy efficiency market to identify pathways for market transformation.
Step Four:
Now that you have seen the light, you can enjoy the savings!
See the Savings, See the Light!

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