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Common Water damage in High rise buildings

The most common water damage problems in buildings occur from balconies. Balconies that are newly built need to be secure from the walls,floors,Joints,Drains,Balustrade,Water exit points , Hobs , Sheet joints and movement joints. Liquid applied membrane systems for the Australian Climate are applied to balconies, as they are practical and economic products for a secure job.
Balconies that need repair work, normally experience problems due to building movement in the concrete slabs and pavers. These repairs will be looked at and assessed on individual basis. The roof of a house is one of the most important structures in your building. Having a roof leak can cause major damage to the structure of your home and your contents. Making the roof waterproof can be accomplished in a number of ways. Different techniques are used, depending on the design of your roof. We will discuss this further with you at inspection, as these works will vary from house to unit etc..
Water is the main cause of building decay and deterioration. Building materials have considerably shorter life span when subjected to water moisture over a prolonged period of time. The importance of waterproofing is reflected in the consequences of not doing proper waterproofing at the time of construction. Water which penetrates in concrete can have immediate and long-term effects on the building in the form of damage to building contents and even structural failure if the problem is not dealt with quickly and successfully.
Sydney Facility Service follows the Building Code of Australia, and the Australian Standard (AS 4654.2-2009, Waterproofing membrane systems for exterior use –Above ground level – Design and installation.), which outlines the minimum requirements for waterproofing in commercial buildings. Our licensed water-proofers will go beyond these minimum requirements and will ensure that all the required areas are waterproofed correctly. This includes making sure that the entire area is secure and waterproofed properly. The floors are cleaned thoroughly before silicon is applied between the joins of the walls and floors. The drains in the floor and gaps around the taps are prepared and primed. The most durable oil based products are used on our client’s properties. A minimum of two coats are applied to both the walls and floors for extra durability.
Over the past few years, there have been technological advancements in waterproofing products and systems; manufacturers are introducing new, long-lasting and eco-friendly products in the market keeping environment, safety, and health points of paramount considerations in view. Nowadays ‘Green’ being in the spotlight from all the sectors for its eco-friendly nature, waterproofing industry is not an exception!

As architects, builders, contractors, developers and engineers are focusing on green developments so the demand for green products have increased considerably to meet sustainable standards. ‘Sustainable or environ- mental preferable’ waterproofing products have no or lesser effect on human health and environment as they are non-toxic, and contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The manufacturers of waterproofing products and systems are now investing more on research and development and producing only innovative, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and high quality waterproofing solutions that minimize utility and maintenance costs, and thus deliver these savings to building owners year after year, with longevity and excellent product performance measured in decades, rather than years. These sustainable solutions also empower our clients to reduce the environmental impact and increase their ROI (return on investment).

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