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Druit Street Lights, Darling Harbour, Sydney


Druitt St Bridge Looking East to Druitt StThe Druitt Street bridge was originally illuminated by metal halide lamps which were approximately 20 years old and the fittings were getting towards the end of their economic life, and failing. Internal wiring and componentry was deteriorating through heat and UV radiation and this was causing lamps to fail. Reflectors and cover glasses were damaged and this affected the light output. Because of the age of the fittings

Druitt St Bridge Opposite Urban Paddock

some had deteriorated beyond repair and therefore the overall illuminance on the bridge was reduced.

In December 2015 we commissioned David Becker Designs to review the existing metal halide fittings and recommend a suitable replacement. The subsequent specification and tender documentation was issued to 5 electrical contractors, however only two of those five contractors submitted tenders because of the complexities of the project. From those two tenderers Sydney Facilities Services were selected as the preferred tenderer.

Because the light fittings are produced by Hess in Germany there was an expected 12-16 week lead time for delivery, therefore in order to improve the overall light level on the bridge we installed temporary lighting to every second light post until the new fittings arrived.

It should be noted that the new lights have a number of benefits, the LEDs last 50,000hrs and it should be at least 12 years before any maintenance is required.

On the environmental front, the LED fittings use about 30% less energy compared to the old metal halide lights, and due to the superior optical precision of the LEDs there is less stray light into Tower No 3 and the night sky. The new light fittings are substantially smaller and lighter than the original.

Druitt St Bridge Looking West to CBW

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