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“SAHA” Save A Horse Australia

Based in south East Queensland with Sanctuaries on the Gold Coast, Scenic Rim and The Lockyer Valley, Save A Horse Australia Horse Rescue and Sanctuary was established by Amanda Vella to take in unwanted, neglected, abused and slaughter bound horses, rehabilitating them and finding them the perfect forever home.
SAHA’S  dream is to build a proper permanent rehabilitation centre in or around South East QLD or the Northern Rivers NSW. But to do this they need suitable land and the charity just isn’t in a position right now to buy any. If there is anyone out there interested in donating a section of their land or even long term (at least 30 years) lease where we can build what we need for the rehabilitation centre though fundraising.  Its so hard to set up a proper centre when renting land on the Gold Coast is so short term and in excess for $1000 per week.


Can you afford $2 per week? It all adds up and we are always grateful for every donation, no matter how small. There is no fee from banks to set up an automatic direct debit for $2. Not many people would even miss the $2 per week which would go along way to help our sanctuary rescue these amazing animals. Please help us by being a regular supporter. Cash flow is something that we need most when rescuing horses. There are always a lot of ongoing expenses including feed, vet, farrier, dentist cost etc. If you are in a position to offer us an ongoing weekly donation please consider setting up a direct debit each week into our account. Once again using only your surname as the reference. Email SAHA your name and address and at the end of the month you will get a monthly receipt. SAHA’S  monthly expenses are well into the thousands and if SFS could get just 1000 people to donate just $2 per week that would help more than anything.
Rescuing and rehabilitating these horses is a very expensive exercise, we run solely by donations from the public and need your urgent support to continue rescuing these beautiful horses. SAHA is fully registered and a sanctioned not for profit charity and can offer tax receipts for donations over $2. Please show your support today and help SAHA help these abused, neglected and unwanted horses.
The images of the horse pictured are that of Grandma. Before and After.
BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671

Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB
1300 123 737
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