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Make Goods

At the end of a lease the tenant has obligations to return the premises in the condition defined by the lease on expiry. Make Good Assessment is a schedule of building defects or disrepair which occurs during the term of a lease. For property owners a Make Good Assessment Schedule specifies the scope and cost of works, relative to the repairing covenants of the lease, to be completed by the tenant prior to vacating the premises. Make Good/Dilapidation Schedules are prepared following a thorough property inspection and careful consideration of the lease documentation. Although generally prepared towards the end of a lease, schedules can be prepared during the term and even after the lease has expired – to ensure the property is maintained or to recover costs for damages. The Sydney Facility Service Property Consultancy service is delivered in two stages – firstly, the Make Good Assessment phase followed by the Negotiation phase. Make Good Interim Schedule – during the term of the lease to identify outstanding repair and maintenance obligations
• Make Good Interim Assessment – during the term of the lease to define potential liability at lease expiry
• Make Good Terminal Schedule – prior to lease expiry to define liability at lease term and initiate negotiation and remediation works
• Make Good Final Schedule – after lease expiry
• Make Good Negotiations – Acting as independent negotiator the professionalism of Sydney Facility Service ensures a superior and more effective outcome whilst maintaining positive Landlord and Tenant relations
• Make Good Project Management – after lease expiry for Lessor
• Make Good Forecast (AIFRS) – at lease commencement to define make good liability for financial accounts and / or asset management plans
Sydney Facility Service offers specialist services in make good reporting and negotiations. A Schedule of Make Good is a detailed report that outlines requirements of a tenant (lessee) to bring the existing property back into a state of condition and repair that it was at the lease commencement, based on repairing covenants detailed in the specific lease. Sydney Facility Service provides Make Good services on behalf of both landlords (lessors) and tenants (lessees).
Make Good Services for Tenants and Building managers
• Provide professional advice and interpretation of the lease with regards to your legal obligations to repair, redecorate, or reinstatement covenants.
• Assess whether claims by the landlord are justified and fair.
• Negotiation of the make good claim with the landlord and/or their legal representative.
• Preparation of schedule of condition reports at new lease commencement to reduce your risk and minimise the potential make good claim.
Make goods of commercial, industrial and retail spaces where an obligation for Tenants to ‘make good’ to a tenancy is required at the end of their lease as well as for Landlords when they want to upgrade their tenancies to add value before leasing them or obtain dilapidation reports at the beginning and end of their tenants’ leases. At Sydney Facility Service we assist tenants providing a schedule of the works to be carried out to bring their tenancy back to the “original standard”. Then we provide a budget with a detailed breakdown for you as a tenant to negotiate with the landlord for a cash settlement or we carry the work on your behalf.
The approximate cost of a make good is between: $85 – $150.00 per sq. metre

All types of organizations have an evolving structure that varies depending on the evolving conditions of the market, their adaptation to new products and services and leading technologies implemented within the workplace. We help you to upgrade your workplace without spending more than needed. Our 60 years of combined experience help us to manage the project from beginning to completion making sure we deliver in time and within budget with the minimal disruption to your business.
Our services include:
• Project costing to determine the overall cost of the project and the best design to suit your needs
• Smart design to upgrade the space doing the minimal work on the fit out
• Staged program
• Fit out and construction works development
• Project analysis costing at every stage of the process
• Cleaning after completion
• Signage and graphics development
• Base Building upgrade
Project Management and Fit out Development
The right management of your office fit out will not only guarantee massive savings on your construction budget but also on your own business management time. At Sydney Facility Service we manage the project management on your behalf to allow you to focus on your own business.

Our point of difference:
• In house design and project management department – this means that the design will be always develop keeping in mind your budget and time constraints
• No head contractors involved – we go straight to the contractors deleting the middle man and their margin translating the savings to your business
• We do small and big projects (from 80 sqm to 10000sqm) – our contractors give us the same rates for small or big projects and we transfer the savings to you
• Detailed reporting of progress on site – weekly reports, photographs and visits
• On site project manager
• Budget controlling and reporting
• Authorities and Landlord liaison
• Base Building works experience keeping everything under one contract
Relocating your staff is an important aspect of your office fit out. They should feel they are part of the process of the new fit out and the disruption to their work should be kept to minimum. At Sydney Facility Service, we facilitate the process for your company managing the process in- tenancy or to new premises. This means we will plan the relocation in conjunction with the fit out to reduce your downtime to minimal. Most of the work is done after hours and during weekends.

Relocation planning and management

It is important to plan your relocation process to make it a success:
• Relocation planning and management
• Constant communication to your staff and stakeholders
• Storage and filing audits to determine the real storage needs at the new space
• Packing and labelling
• Computer packing, labelling and relocation
• Creation of “swing spaces” within the current fit out if needed to temporarily accommodate your staff
The Sydney Facility Service advantage:
• Relocation process planned from the beginning of the project to minimise disruption of your staff
• Tender to leading relocation companies guaranteeing the best price within the market for your project
• Previous experience relocating companies from 5 to 400 employees
• Management of in-tenancy projects as well as new fit outs
• Sydney Facility Service Property Consultancy Defect Reports are based upon our extensive in house diagnostic skills are able to evaluate the defect, define the reason for the defect and create a fully costed solution to remediate it.
• Defect reports are commonly required to resolve a dispute, maintain a level of quality & workmanship or simply investigate a problem. Our strength in defect reporting comes from extensive experience with building assessment through the construction phase to ongoing maintenance.
• Our comprehensive in-house Technical Due Diligence service encompasses all issues relating to the physical condition of a property. Delivering our report within client defined timeframes, the application of our in-house expertise allows the best opportunity to comprehensively understand the property within the due diligence period.
• Delivering our comprehensive project evaluation allows the purchaser to understand the true costs and risks associated with the physical property and incorporate these into any purchase strategy.

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